D&D Spinoff! Presenting The Floor is Lager Episode 1: Oakhurst

In our debut episode of The Floor is Lager, our heroes investigate rumors of a long lost fortress known as the Sunless Citadel. Their journey brings them to the small town of Oakhurst, where things get complicated when the group learns of a magical fruit that can heal any wound. Brody Schade plays the warlock Cordwainer Bird, Eric Taylor is the war cleric Lucy Morningstar, and Scott Aoki is the rogue out for vengeance, Jan Whick.

Art by Heather Mahler. Find her on Instagram @heathermahler88, on Twitter @heatherlime and Facebook at Heather Mahler Art.
Music by Cory Mahler. Check out his band camp at corymahlermusic.bandcamp.com


**3.2 Company will return to X-Wing and Star Wars next week, and The Floor is Lager will continue on it's own feed.  Find it and subscribe!**