Episode 44: Phantom II with Ryan Farmer from the Mynock Squadron Podcast

There are just too many funny nicknames to fit in the title.  Ryan Farmer of Mynock Squadron joins the guys to discuss a surprising national tournament result, the new shuttle article, and most importantly the flight assist astromech.  Mike is probably still screaming about it.

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Episode 42: SWRPG Season 2 Part 3

This is our regular RPG Campaign, and as such, recaps will lead to spoilers, so this space will be used to list our character names and roles.


Scott: Mri'Tel Nasharra, The Twi'lek Gambler and Con man

Stu: Cryx Bazlisk, The Barabel heavy hitter

Eric: Chad Blaine, the Duros gunslinger/illusionist

Jed: The Chiss named Zluz'zair Gazo

Mike: B165-BY(Bigsby), The surgeon droid 

And of course, Brody: The DM

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Episode 41: Gunboats and Regionals with Mark from X-Wing Junkies

**Once again, recording on Mondays bit us in the ass - we know that Guns for Hire and the FAQ came out, we'll talk about them soon.**

On this episode, Mark from the Great White North joins the guys to talk about all of the Gunboat/Starwing spoilers, supposedly official regional dates, Metallica albums, and more.

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