Brody has been playing X-Wing since Wave 6. His very first ship purchase was the Starviper, and it was all down hill from there. Besides owning more Starvipers than any sane person should, he enjoys trying to make Xizor a thing, squeezing Guri into every list possible, and losing games. Please FFG, we need Scum Aces! His new love, Star Wars Destiny, is currently taking over most of his life. If you have boosters, please contact us! Outside of gaming, he probably is spending time with his wife and son, watching the Minnesota Vikings, fishing, or watching Stu play video games. Also, he'd like to apologize. 

Current 3.2% ABW beer of choice: Uinta Yard Sale Winter Lager

Eric started playing X-Wing just after wave 7 released. When he is not flying his plastic ships in X-Wing matches he attempts to paint and mod his ships. Most of his ship modifications at this point have been gluing fish hooks to ships to make them look like they came out of a Mad Max and then having to remove the barbs from the fish hooks as the barbs could "hurt someone." When he is not playing X-Wing or Destiny and it is warm enough outside he rides either his road bike, mountain bike, or motorcycle.

Preferred 3.2 beer: Uinta Cutthroat

Mike got into X-Wing at Wave 6, after a trip to Star Wars Celebration in 2015 reignited the Star Wars fandom inside.  Since then he jumped head-on into Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing, Star Wars RPG (achievement unlocked: tabletop RPG that his wife likes to play), Destiny, and replayed Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight 37 times.  When not actively Star Wars-ing he’s stumbling through grad school, cheering on the Oklahoma State Cowboys and OKC Thunder, or snowboarding.  #allT65livesmatter.

Current 3.2% ABW beer of choice: RoHa Brewing Project Back Porch Pale Ale



Scott started tabletop gaming with Battletech, D&D, and Vampire: The Masquerade (Back when all of those were still cool). When he isn't trying to build lists around Major Rhymer or Eamon Azzamean, he pretends to be a productive member of society as a chef. He enjoys Grocery hauls and other bad videos on youtube, making up new punk band names, and long walks on the beach.

Current 3.2% ABW beer of choice: Polygamy Porter.

Stu began playing X-Wing after the release of Wave 7. One of the more competitive members of 3.2 Company, Stu has been hopelessly dedicated to the game since attending his first tournament. Lately, he's also fallen into a deep Star Wars Destiny hole — please, say a prayer for his bank account. Loyal to the Empire, Stu tends to play the bad guys at every opportunity.  When he's not crushing Rebel scum, he's dressing his cat up like a dapper gentleman, doing nerdy arts and crafts, and playing video games with Brody.

Current favorite 3.2% ABW beer: Wasatch Evolution Amber Ale

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